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In unregelmäßigen Abständen finden am MPQ Seminare statt. Diese werden von den Wissenschaftlern der einzelnen Abteilungen organisiert.

Der Veranstaltungsort wird mit dem jeweiligen Seminar bekannt gegeben.


Direct laser cooling and trapping of diatomic molecules (Prof. D. DeMille)

It was long considered a practical impossibility to extend the methods of laser cooling and trapping to diatomic molecules. [mehr]

Measuring the universal scaling of many-body entanglement (Dr. P. Hauke)

Quantum correlations are strongly enhanced near quantum critical points, which opens attractive prospects for applications such as quantum-enhanced metrology. [mehr]

Two pulses waltzing in a laser cavity: exploiting the fs laser as the ultimate sensor (Prof. J.-C. Diels)

The active laser cavity can be considerably more sensitive than a passive one to minute perturbations. The difference in sensitivity between passive and active resonator sensors is akin to forensic dissection as compared to vivisection. [mehr]

Long-range entanglement generation between spatially separated electronic spins (M. Benito)

“We propose to use Quantum Hall edge channels in order to generate long-range entanglement between spatially separated spin qubits. Since the entanglement is actively stabilized by purely dissipative dynamics, our scheme is inherently robust against noise and imperfections.” [mehr]

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