Dr. Stephan Ritter


Stephan Ritter
Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik
Hans-Kopfermann-Str. 1
D-85748 Garching

Tel: +49-(0)89-32905-728 (Office) -371/376 (Lab)
Fax: +49-(0)89-32905-395 (Fax)
Email: Stephan.Ritter[a]

Room: A1.24



Quantum Information Processing

Research interests

  • Quantum information processing
  • Cavity QED
  • Cavity opto-mechanics
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation: Condensate Formation, Critical Behavior
  • Atom Lasers, Counting Statistics
  • Single-atom detection
  • Laser Design, Laser-Cooling of Calcium

Short CV



Frequency splitting of polarization eigenmodes in microscopic Fabry-Perot cavities
M. Uphoff, M. Brekenfeld, G. Rempe, S. Ritter
preprint , (2014)
( arXiv:1408.4367 [physics.optics] )

A quantum gate between a flying optical photon and a single trapped atom
A. Reiserer, N. Kalb, G. Rempe, S. Ritter
Nature 508, 237 (2014)
( arXiv:1404.2453 [quant-ph] )

Nondestructive Detection of an Optical Photon
A. Reiserer, S. Ritter, G. Rempe
Science 342, 1349 (2013)
( arXiv:1311.3625 [quant-ph] )
(Science, access to full text)

Generation of single photons from an atom-cavity system
M. Mücke, J. Bochmann, C. Hahn, A. Neuzner, C. Nölleke, A. Reiserer, G. Rempe, S. Ritter
Physical Review A 87, 063805 (2013)
( arXiv:1302.2897 [quant-ph] )( pdf )

Ground-State Cooling of a Single Atom at the Center of an Optical Cavity
A. Reiserer, C. Nölleke, S. Ritter, G. Rempe
Physical Review Letters 110, 223003 (2013)
( arXiv:1212.5295v1 [physics.atom-ph] )( pdf )

Efficient Teleportation Between Remote Single-Atom Quantum Memories
C. Nölleke, A. Neuzner, A. Reiserer, C. Hahn, G. Rempe, S. Ritter
Physical Review Letters 110, 140403 (2013)
( arXiv:1212.3127 [quant-ph] )( pdf )

An elementary quantum network of single atoms in optical cavities
S. Ritter, C. Nölleke, C. Hahn, A. Reiserer, A. Neuzner, M. Uphoff, M. Mücke, E. Figueroa, J. Bochmann, G. Rempe
Nature 484, 195 (2012)
( arXiv:1202.5955 [quant-ph] )

Remote Entanglement between a Single Atom and a Bose-Einstein Condensate
M. Lettner, M. Mücke, S. Riedl, C. Vo, C. Hahn, S. Baur, J. Bochmann, S. Ritter, S. Dürr, G. Rempe
Physical Review Letters 106, 210503 (2011)
( arXiv:1102.4285 [quant-ph] )( pdf )

A Single-Atom Quantum Memory
H.P. Specht, C. Nölleke, A. Reiserer, M. Uphoff, E. Figueroa, S. Ritter, G. Rempe
Nature 473, 190 (2011)
( arXiv:1103.1528 [quant-ph] )

Electromagnetically induced transparency with single atoms in a cavity
M. Mücke, E. Figueroa, J. Bochmann, C. Hahn, K. Murr, S. Ritter, C.J. Villas-Boas, G. Rempe
Nature 465, 755-758 (2010)

Lossless state detection of single neutral atoms
J. Bochmann, M. Mücke, C. Guhl, S. Ritter, G. Rempe, D.L. Moehring
Physical Review Letters 104, 203601 (2010)
( arXiv:1002.2918 [quant-ph] )( pdf )

Dynamical Coupling between a Bose-Einstein Condensate and a Cavity Optical Lattice
S. Ritter, F. Brennecke, C. Guerlin, K. Baumann, T. Donner, T. Esslinger:
Appl. Phys. B 95, 213 (2009).

Cavity Opto-Mechanics with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
F. Brennecke*, S. Ritter*, T. Donner, T. Esslinger:
Science 322, 235 (2008).

Criticality and Correlations in Cold Atomic Gases
M. Köhl, T. Donner, S. Ritter, T. Bourdel, A. Öttl, F. Brennecke, T. Esslinger:
Advances in Solid State Physics 47,79 (2008).

Cavity QED with a Bose-Einstein condensate
F. Brennecke, T. Donner, S. Ritter, T. Bourdel, M. Köhl, T. Esslinger:
Nature 450, 268 (2007).

Critical Behavior of a Trapped Interacting Bose Gas
T. Donner, S. Ritter, T. Bourdel, A. Öttl, M. Köhl, T. Esslinger:
Science 315, 1556 (2007).

Observing the Formation of Long-Range Order during Bose-Einstein Condensation
S. Ritter, A. Öttl, T. Donner, T. Bourdel, M. Köhl, T. Esslinger:
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 090402 (2007).

Time interval distributions of atoms in atomic beams
M. Köhl, A. Öttl, S. Ritter, T. Donner, T. Bourdel, T. Esslinger:
Appl. Phys. B 86, 391 (2006).

A Hybrid Apparatus for BEC and Cavity QED: Single Atom Detection in Quantum Degenerate Gases
A. Öttl, S. Ritter, M. Köhl, and T. Esslinger:
Rev. Sci. Instr. 77, 063118 (2006).

Cavity QED detection of interfering matter waves
T. Bourdel, T. Donner, S. Ritter, A. Öttl, M. Köhl, T. Esslinger:
Phys. Rev. A 73, 043602 (2006).

Correlations and Counting Statistics of an Atom Laser
A. Öttl, S. Ritter, M. Köhl, and T. Esslinger:
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 090404 (2005).

Heterogeneity of Z-band Structure Within a Single Muscle Sarcomere: Implications for Sarcomere Assembly
Pradeep K. Luther, Raúl Padrón, Stephan Ritter, Roger Craig and John M. Squire:
J. Mol. Biol. 332, 161-169 (2003).

Reducing the linewidth of a diode laser below 30 Hz by stabilization to a reference cavity with a finesse above 105
A. Schoof, J. Grünert, S. Ritter, A. Hemmerich:
Optics Letters 26, 1562 (2001).


Probing Coherence During Bose-Einstein Condensation
PhD thesis, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (2007).

Entwicklung präziser Laserlichtquellen für Experimente mit ultrakalten Calciumatomen
Diploma thesis, University of Hamburg, Germany (2002).